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If even clicking the button above still happen anything, try pressing HERE.

If still happen anything, you need to solve the problem in your computer, for what we have 3 possible causes and solutions: :

1) If you have installed a pop-up blocker program or tool (for example, googlebar, menubar …), go to the help section of the program or tool to find out how to deactivate the blocker for the websites, and

2) If the above solution does not fix the problem, for  Windows XP with Service Pack 2
, do the following:

Go to the Explorer "Tools" menu, select "Pop-up Blocker" and then click on "Pop-up Blocker Settings". A Windows dialog box will appear where you should write the website addresses that you want to allow. Type in the following addresses: and press the "Add" button. and press the "Add" button.

3) If, after having tried the previous solutions, still nothing happens when you click on the animation of Pipo and Cuca check that you have not deactivated Flash. Go to this address and follow the instructions:

FLASH DEACTIVATED HELP (Windows XP service pack 2)

Technical support FAQ

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